Oven-Baked Ribs with Napa Cabbage and Mushrooms and Onions

Vacation is over, and I’m finally back home in Jersey City after almost two weeks. It’s not the beach, but the view here isn’t bad.


My boyfriend James and I talked about having ribs before I left for vacation, so I decided to make them for dinner tonight. I used:

  • A rack of baby back ribs
  • Dijon mustard (if I had yellow mustard I would have used that)
  • Weber’s KC Barbecue rub – I love this seasoning, which has a nice sweet and spicy taste
  • Beef better than bullion, dissolved in  a coffee mug full of hot water
  • Korean-style barbecue sauce (I usually get a good one from H-Mart, a Korean grocery store chain, but this time I got one that wasn’t as good at a regular grocery store. I wouldn’t buy it again, but if you can’t find the good stuff this is fine)

I used a trick my uncle showed me at the shore this year for prep… if you can get a finger under the skin on the back of the ribs, it is easy to pull off the whole piece by hand. I rubbed the rack with mustard , then the KC spice rub. I put the meat bone-side down in a baking dish with the beef broth, wrapped it tightly with foil, and put it in the oven at 225 degrees for about two hours, until they hit about 175 degrees. I brushed on some sauce, put them under the broiler for 10 or 15 minutes until it was soaked in but not burned, then slathered a second time and cooked for a few more minutes, until they looked just right.

For the sides, I first sliced up some onions and shiitake and cremini mushrooms. I browned them up with salt, pepper, and za’atar. I sliced up the napa cabbage and mixed in a few splashes each of shoyu (soy sauce,) mirin, oyster sauce, cooking sake, and just a small splash of sesame oil.  I use the same combination when I do bok choy. I add the white parts from the bottom first, then the leafier parts a few minutes later. There’s always a lot of extra liquid, so I just use tongs or a slotted spoon to pull the cabbage out of the liquid to serve.

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